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of another revolution, as a whole new range of digital technologies will change both the business and style of motion pictures. in this program, narrated by cliff robertson, we will see some surprises as tv collided with the movies in "film in the television age." ♪ just friends ♪ lovers no more ♪ just friends ♪ but not like before ♪ film... tv. one is reverential, the other is "i'm dominating." (charles champlin) the whole story of movies in the last 40 years is the competitive fight with television, the movies responding to what tv does do or doesn't do, can't do, and so on. i don't think it's been a struggle at all. i think there's been a complete symbiosis. i think they are mutually dependent. i think they are coming closer and closer together. i don't think it's a struggle at all. (robert altman) any film i've made has been seen by more people on tv than it ever has in cinema. but i don't think it makes any difference. eventually, every house will have a 6- to 8-foot screen and you sit 10 feet away from an 8-foot screen, you just as well be in the front at the ziegfield. (mu
but also is a desire for these countries to import technologies and become exporters and see that with china becoming the fifth largest exporter and importer as well and there are other countries in that region also looking to becoming exporters themselves. >> thanks very much indeed for talking to al jazeera. australia is increasing aid and rade links with myanmar. gill arrested made the announcement after meeting thein sein. he's myanmar's first lead tore visit in decades. this is the first visit by a myanmar head of state for nearly 40 years and has been a long time. that's thein sein hoping to achieve from this visit? >> it's been a very long time. 1974 was the last time a president from myanmar, or as it was then burma visited australia. more than anything, it's a symbolic moment, a further recognition the head of state is being welcomed into the international community, and the regional player in was trail yeah stood beside him and said what was happening in his country was remarkable as he paid tribute to him personally for driving that progress through. i think all th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2